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Tobias - Futuristic Lawyer


My mission is to become an influential voice in the tech space within the next three years. I will do that by posting regularly, while I dig deeper and deeper into the subject matter of the emerging technological landscape.

Although I call my website “futuristiclawyer”, I consider myself more of a humanist, than a futurist. I am interested in the psychological, philosophical, and social considerations that comes with new technological frameworks such as AI, Bitcoin, Web 3.0/Metaverse, Big Tech etc. Hopefully, my writings can provide clarity, depth, and new angles to common knowledge, and help the reader understand the world better, and to make better investments with time and money.

I try to not become a teacher, but rather a student of life who shares his knowledge and experiences. I am very open for feedback, constructive criticism, and comments, perhaps from people with more knowledge or experience than me in a given area.  

You can read more about me in an recent interview I did with Hackernoon here.


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